Can You Eat Too Many Tomatoes??

Yes, actually you can. (GOOGLE it) You can eat too many tomatoes and I may just be on the brink of doing so!!

This post is actually completely pointless. It’s just me confessing to the world that I’m eating way too many tomatoes. I LOVE TOMATOES!! Cherry tomatoes are my life right now. That is all.

But in all seriousness, even when eating completely healthy foods be sure to monitor how you are feeling afterwards. And be sure to eat a variety of foods! Because too much of a good thing can be TOO MUCH of a good thing!!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL and ABUNDANT DAY!!

Healthy “Icecream” You Can Eat Anytime of Day!

So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most everyone loves icecream! Right?

And if you are on a diet that doesn’t allow it there seems to be an even more alluring quality about it. If its forbidden its more appealing, why is that? Well anyway I learned a trick awhile ago that makes “real icecream” completely obsolete to me. Here is my all natural yummy icecream indulgence!!

Its super easy to make and only take 3 ingredients.


Bananas + Coconut Milk + Cinnamon = YUM!

I’ve made my banana icecream a million different ways so as long as you have bananas, you can enjoy this awesome treat!!

First things first, you will need frozen bananas. What I usually do is buy a bunch of bananas for Parker and I to eat through out the week and then I buy a bunch to set out until ripe and then peel and freeze.

It is important to PEEL FIRST! And then I usually break them in half, which makes it easier to blend. And then I stick them in my frozen blueberries bag in the freezer. Which is why in the picture above it appears slightly purple. Because my bananas pick up some blueberries, But I figure that can only help me, not hurt😉

I take 2-3 frozen bananas (depending if I’m sharing or eating it all myself!) + 1/4 cup or less of coconut milk and I blend in a blender or food processor until really smooth. And then I sprinkle cinnamon all over.

That’s it! You can enjoy it right then, but what I usually do is stick it in the freezer for another 20 minutes to get it nice and cold!!

Don’t have coconut milk or cinnamon? NO PROBLEM. Just blend frozen bananas! I swear its just as good and super creamy just like icecream!!

Let me know how you like it? The options are endless! Sometimes I add a little all natural peanut butter to the mix, or sprinkle some cacao nibs on. How will you make yours?

I hope you have a WONDERFUL and ABUNDANT day!!

Money Mindset

“May this purchase go to do some amazing things!”

And dont forget to think it with a smile:)

Every time you purchase something, the money is going somewhere and to someone. Most of the time, when we buy something we have a little feeling of loss or guilt from spending money, whether it comes during the purchase or some time after. I think it is so important if you want to attract more abundance into your life you need to change your money mindset.

And the above tool is a great way of doing it. Instead of focusing on the negative feelings associated with spending money.

°Be grateful you have the money to spend

°Be grateful and think to yourself, This Money Will Go Somewhere and Do Something Amazing For Someone Else

°Be Happy To Share Your WEALTH

°Do it with a Smile:)

May you have a WONDERFUL and ABUNDANT day!

Someone Special’s Turning One!

I seriously can’t believe it! My sweet, sweet baby! Where has the time gone. Everyone always say they grow up too fast. Soon he’ll be driving and you wont even know what happened! Ugh! I believe that can be so true! Its so easy for that to happen! I have periods of this year that seem longer and like wonderful pleasant memories and others that seem rushed and like I was just holding on going through the routine of it all! Now of course I’m not claiming to be a parenting expert but please please please SLOW DOWN! Live in the moment, soak it all in, the sleepless nights, the crying, the boredom at times. Believe me it will be gone so fast and you’ll wish you would have been in the moment more, soaking it all in, remembering every last second! Babies are so special. My heart just melts going over the last year in my head!

But anyway on to the fun stuff! Parker’s Very Hungry Caterpillar Party! I was so lucky I found a free printable online and was able to custom create his invitations. They are so divine with his little face on there!!


And as I was looking online for some inspiration I ran across the cutest little sugar free cake you ever did see! Yes I did…


Oh and this adorable lantern caterpillar:


Sending Potter Barn Kids lots of love right now! Thanks

Happy Love Day

Valentine’s Day is for everyone! Let us be reminded that we should all love one another. We should all love the world around us and we should all love ourselves. Because loving ourselves allows us to truly love one another! Let us carry the spirit of Valentine’s Day with us EVERYDAY!!❤Valentine's Day is for everyone! Let us be reminded that we should all love one another. We should all love the world around us and we should all love ourselves. Because loving ourselves allows us to truly love one another! Let us carry the spirit of Valentine's Day with us EVERYDAY!! <3

10 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Under $200

10 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Under $200!
From Left to Right: Ethereal Girl Dress $135, I Now Pronounce You Dress $175, Romance in the Air Maxi $88, Future Heart Maxi Dress $168, White Romance Embroidered Maxi $198, Crochet Lace Midi Dress $33, Cotton Crochet Maxi Dress $40, Crème de la Bohème Dress $91, Kimchi Blue Embroidered Bodice Halter Maxi Dress $89, Kimchi Blue Dove Crinkle Gauze Maxi Dress $129

Bohemian and Independent styles have been all the rage in bridal for a while now. One of the greatest advantages of that is that you can find a gorgeous wedding dress well under the $200 range!! And that means you can spend the extra cash you save on other wedding festivities!

Love Letter Wendesday

fdafad jgjIts love letter Wednesday again. And this week I just want to share how easy it is to spread a little joy. You don’t have to write long elaborate letters in envelopes, you can just write a sentence on a note card.

I was in TJMaxx the other day and I saw this really pretty wrapping paper! Which was actually a great thing because I was trying to think of an excuse to buy it which reminded me that my sisters birthday was coming up!! So after wrapping her presents I didn’t want to waste the scraps.

So I just glued the note cards onto the scrap and then cut the note cards off after writing my love notes!

I like to keep a couple note cards in my bag at all times, you never know when a good time to spread a little love will come along!

Remember if you have instagram to share your love letters: #IOWAMLoveLetters:)

Love Letters Wednesday




This weeks love letters. I left one in the dressing at Target and one in a bookshelf. Tomorrow ill be scattering a couple around campus!

Remember if you’d like to participate, share your love letters on instagram with the #IOWAMLoveLetters:)

A sneak peak at next weeks love letters….

To All The Beautiful Mothers

Dear Moms, We all are beautiful. We are all important. As mother’s we have a very special role to play. Unfortunately a lot of us get so caught up in this role that we forget about us and become only artist, writer, rock climber, yogi, MOM. Let me re-instill a fact, that I’m sure we all know deep down to be true. That our most important gift to our children is sharing with them our lives and our love. A happy fulfilled role model is better than an unsatisfied mother who feels resentment for giving up her dreams. Juggling children and hobbies, isn’t always easy but we don’t have to feel guilty. You can still be that fun loving person you were before baby. So you were a wild and crazy party girl?? Okay, so you may need to put away the sequin mini skirts and keg stands every night :P  But you can still be your care-free, energetic self. Just a more kid friendly version of it. If you love to paint or write. Invite your children to join you. Never give up on your dreams. Never give up on who you are. Share your interest and hobbies with your children. Share your love. Mother will always be your number one title, but remember you can also be artist, writer, rock climber, yogi, whatever your heart desires…..❤