Sneak Peak: Nursery on a Budget

So here are some rough pictures of our baby boys nursery. Its definitely not ready yet. I feel like I’m way behind. He could practically come at anytime, and I just got this all done yesterday. I’m currently prewashing all his clothes for him as I’m writing this. Hopefully I can get some better pictures soon. But the “theme” if there is one, is woodland creatures/white with gold accents. I didnt want anything that was super boyish. We are currently renting and unable to paint so I knew the walls would be staying white and I’m a momma on a budget so everything is handmade/painted by me and lovely friend Victoria. She made the three going down the right hand side of the closet. Everything else is hand me down furniture that we are making work! And I’m perfectly okay with that, I dont mind recycling as long as its in safe working condition!

download download (1) download (2) download (3)


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