Breezy Beach Morning

Parker is outside riding his bike and laughing like a wild man. Radley and I are staring out the window watching the shadows the sun is casting through the trees. It’s simple. It’s perfect. No place to be, no rushing, no schedules or to do lists. Just living. Watching my babies enjoy themselves. Stripped down to bare basics. Just enjoying themselves. This is life🌴👶🏻💕

This Won’t Last Forever

I know this won’t last forever.

You won’t stay this little for long.

Some days get tough but moments like this,

They remind me to hold you a little longer,

Squeeze you a little tighter, just watch you breathe.

Because this won’t last forever, my sweet baby💕👶🏻😘

Girl Crush!

It is so important for women to empower other women because lets face it, we are completely different from our male counterparts….

I’m crushing pretty hard right now! She’s a miracle worker and she’s helping woman all over the world become miracle workers too and that’s a beautiful thing! She’s so full of love and positive energy!! Its Gabrielle Bernstein! Check her out at


I have most of her books but just recently got her newest one:


I plan on doing a full review of the book once I’ve completed the 40 days! Excited and can’t wait to see all the powerful changes in my life! I believe in miracles, do you?!

Sky Study

IMG_20120724_204455 IMG_20120806_205549 IMG_20121218_153407 IMG_20121228_161052 IMG_20130510_190819 IMG_20130510_204533 IMG_20130511_194019

(All photos are my own, please do not use without permission)

The sky is my inspiration for almost every creative endeavor I embark on. I love to take tons and tons of photos of the sky and then study the cloud patterns. When painting most of the colors I use are colors that are found in the skies.

Where do you find inspiration?

The Apple of My Eye

To know me, is to know who holds my utmost affection. Yes I’m publicly announcing that I am a crazy cat lady. My incredibly handsome tuxedo cat, Fletcher is the love of my life and he demanded I make a post just for him!

Fletcher IMG_20130302_010231 IMG_20130424_195738 IMG_20130505_103916

So there he is…The center of my universe and any other cheesy phrase you can think of.

And this is what we like to read together in our spare time…


And this silly video that goes along with it….

Jumping on the Bandwagon…

So after years of deliberation (and actually having this URL saved) I’m finally starting my blog! This is just my tiny little space on the internet. A place for inspiration, diy projects, and my daily musings. There is sure to be plenty of postings on the galaxy and my beloved cat Fletcher. So if you’re into those kind of things. This is the place for you!