Love Letter Wendesday

fdafad jgjIts love letter Wednesday again. And this week I just want to share how easy it is to spread a little joy. You don’t have to write long elaborate letters in envelopes, you can just write a sentence on a note card.

I was in TJMaxx the other day and I saw this really pretty wrapping paper! Which was actually a great thing because I was trying to think of an excuse to buy it which reminded me that my sisters birthday was coming up!! So after wrapping her presents I didn’t want to waste the scraps.

So I just glued the note cards onto the scrap and then cut the note cards off after writing my love notes!

I like to keep a couple note cards in my bag at all times, you never know when a good time to spread a little love will come along!

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Love Letters Wednesday




This weeks love letters. I left one in the dressing at Target and one in a bookshelf. Tomorrow ill be scattering a couple around campus!

Remember if you’d like to participate, share your love letters on instagram with the #IOWAMLoveLetters 🙂

A sneak peak at next weeks love letters….

Love Letter Wednesdays

Spreading Love…

I believe it is our one true purpose. The art of letter writing is becoming a thing of the past and I find that really sad. The emotions behind written words can change someones life forever. Love letters don’t have to be just for your significant other or lost love. Love letters should be for everyone; your neighbor, the mail man, a stranger….

Many of you may have seen a form of this other places on the internet. But here is my version. Love Letter Wednesdays. Where I’ll share the love letters I write and hope that you will join in spreading the love with me. Because we all know the world could use a little more love.

Here’s an example of a love letter I’ve written in the past:

Later today, I’ll be writing my first online love letter, to all the beautiful moms out there ❤

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