Healthy “Icecream” You Can Eat Anytime of Day!

So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most everyone loves icecream! Right?

And if you are on a diet that doesn’t allow it there seems to be an even more alluring quality about it. If its forbidden its more appealing, why is that? Well anyway I learned a trick awhile ago that makes “real icecream” completely obsolete to me. Here is my all natural yummy icecream indulgence!!

Its super easy to make and only take 3 ingredients.


Bananas + Coconut Milk + Cinnamon = YUM!

I’ve made my banana icecream a million different ways so as long as you have bananas, you can enjoy this awesome treat!!

First things first, you will need frozen bananas. What I usually do is buy a bunch of bananas for Parker and I to eat through out the week and then I buy a bunch to set out until ripe and then peel and freeze.

It is important to PEEL FIRST! And then I usually break them in half, which makes it easier to blend. And then I stick them in my frozen blueberries bag in the freezer. Which is why in the picture above it appears slightly purple. Because my bananas pick up some blueberries, But I figure that can only help me, not hurt 😉

I take 2-3 frozen bananas (depending if I’m sharing or eating it all myself!) + 1/4 cup or less of coconut milk and I blend in a blender or food processor until really smooth. And then I sprinkle cinnamon all over.

That’s it! You can enjoy it right then, but what I usually do is stick it in the freezer for another 20 minutes to get it nice and cold!!

Don’t have coconut milk or cinnamon? NO PROBLEM. Just blend frozen bananas! I swear its just as good and super creamy just like icecream!!

Let me know how you like it? The options are endless! Sometimes I add a little all natural peanut butter to the mix, or sprinkle some cacao nibs on. How will you make yours?

I hope you have a WONDERFUL and ABUNDANT day!!

Someone Special’s Turning One!

I seriously can’t believe it! My sweet, sweet baby! Where has the time gone. Everyone always say they grow up too fast. Soon he’ll be driving and you wont even know what happened! Ugh! I believe that can be so true! Its so easy for that to happen! I have periods of this year that seem longer and like wonderful pleasant memories and others that seem rushed and like I was just holding on going through the routine of it all! Now of course I’m not claiming to be a parenting expert but please please please SLOW DOWN! Live in the moment, soak it all in, the sleepless nights, the crying, the boredom at times. Believe me it will be gone so fast and you’ll wish you would have been in the moment more, soaking it all in, remembering every last second! Babies are so special. My heart just melts going over the last year in my head!

But anyway on to the fun stuff! Parker’s Very Hungry Caterpillar Party! I was so lucky I found a free printable online and was able to custom create his invitations. They are so divine with his little face on there!!


And as I was looking online for some inspiration I ran across the cutest little sugar free cake you ever did see! Yes I did…


Oh and this adorable lantern caterpillar:


Sending Potter Barn Kids lots of love right now! Thanks